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Thread: Dish about your solar system

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    Dish about your solar system

    Would love to hear about your solar systems. I'll start.

    We have 9 370 watt panels on an array/ground support facing south south west that allow us to change the angle so we can adjust the angle of the panels to accommodate the changing angle of the sun. We have 4 12 volt 200amp LiFePO (SOK) batteries.

    We'll likely be doubling our # of panels and # of batteries this year. This new bunch of panels will probably go on our south-facing deck roof.

    How about you?
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    We have 12 300 watt panels in a ground support array facing pretty much due south. There are 2 200 Amp 24 volts (in series = 48v) batteries. It is ample for us most days, but we do have to turn on the generator a few times in the winter, if there are several days without sun. Otherwise, even a little bit of sun charges the batteries up very quickly.

    Like you, we now imagine adding to the system eventually to power the air conditioning during what can be brutally hot summers here.

    Forgot to mention that the batteries, charger, inverter, etc. are all Victron - very happy with that brand.
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    Let's see some pictures too, please!

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    I prefer your design choice. I like having to use the generator a few times, so I know I didn't over-build and over-spend. By the time I need to upgrade due to future "toys" like a Polaris Ranger side-by-side (electric), I will have a clear idea of how much more.

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    We have 12 panels on south facing roof, 235 watt.
    Four LiFePO 100 watt batteries, Outback 3600 watt 48 volt system; with 11k backup generator. If the panels are snow-covered for a couple days then the generator kicks in.

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