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    Quote Originally Posted by ponyboy
    Grow and then make your own biodiesel. A soybean press for home and maybe a small business.
    Gotta look at the output you get from soy. Rapeseed and canola have good yields. Might be better off buying the seed and pressing it rather than growing it for yourself.

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    Ya, I think they said that they get alot more from sunflower seed than soybean. But do you get that high protene meal that's left over from the soybean?

    How many bushels can you get from an acre?

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    A little late to the

    A little late to the party...

    But having just gone through most of this thread, it's all smoke and mirrors.

    As earlier stated, Rudolf Diesel built his engine to run on peanut oil, vegi oil, soy oil or just about anything that you could find that would burn.
    The diesel we buy at the pumps is nothing more than a wast product of refining gasoline and when they found out it would burn in diesel's engine, they stuck a price on it.

    Ok, whats my point...? I've done the biodiesel deal...( ) and I've found a better way... Don't let anyone sell you any snake oil... Don't let anyone sell you a conversion kit...

    Your diesel engine ( or at least all of mine do) will run just fine on straight clean vegi oil. My 91 Mercedes ran on straight vegi all this past winter down to and below 32 deg. 2003 GMC 3400 runs just fine on straight vegi and the Chinese built Changfa engine driving a 12kw st head with no glow plug runs just fine on straight vegi. No conversions on anything...

    I will say that the car and the truck really like a 50/50 mix.. Vegi mixes just fine with dino diesel.

    Having also been through the gambit of cleaning methods, I've found that a continuous feed centrifuge works great and processes about 10 gallons per hour being powered by the Changfa genset.

    Bottom line is that I'm not making anything, I'm just disposing of a wast product and using no chemicals, no additives and no conversions. Down side is that like diesel it can leave a sticky mess, but if you keep up with it, it's not bad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WingNut

    Having also been through the gambit of cleaning methods, I've found that a continuous feed centrifuge works great and processes about 10 gallons per hour being powered by the Changfa genset.
    WingNut, Are you talking about cleaning used veggie oil or the finale process in making Biodiesel?

    This used to be called Greasle. They sold parts to convert your diesel to run on Straight Vegetable Oil.

    Here's a site that talks about harvesting oil from algae.

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    Sorry, I should have been

    Sorry, I should have been more specific. I'm just cleaning and using used vegi oil. I pick it up from two resturants and just the two are enough for what I need right now.

    When making biodiesel, I had a 55 gal drum of Methanol, a 5 gal bucket of sodium hydroxide, then I used the magnosol for cleaning and was left with piles of glycerin to get rid of. Now I pick the old oil up in the car, as much as 60 gals at a time, (three rows of four 5 gal containers), bring it back and pour it through 600 micron EZ strianer and then a 400 micron EZ strainer and into the holding tank that feeds the centrifuge.

    Every 200 gals or so I have to take the centrifuge apart and clean it and that takes about a half hour. Other than that, it can just run unattended for hours.

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    Cool. Thanks!

    Cool. Thanks!

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    diesel secret

    I use the diesel secret method in my 2004 4x4 dodge. Works great. The guy who told me about it owns a diesel only truck lot. He swears about it if, he says, if you have the time.

    I have two restaurants (Asian are the best for oil). I'm installing a 2nd 50 gallon tank in the bed from an old Cadillac.

    I almost went with the 2-tank method ( but this is cheaper and easier.

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    Actually, you don't need the additive. Once the engine, fuel
    line, and monoglyceride tank are up to temperature, you
    just switch the valve and keep on runnin' down the road.
    Before shut-down, switch back to a ring hydrocarbon to flush
    the lines and injectors. Don't know what the stuff is they
    are selling, but my guess is that it's naptha or napthalene.
    In the summer (at least summers around here!) there is
    no need to preheat, but the ring hydrocarbon start-up is easier
    than with just straight fryer oil. Also, no conversion is
    needed for summer use of fryer oil, it's the methanol in
    the biodiesel that is corrosive.

    On manufacturer said that fossil oil diesel is like powder
    propellant, the biodiesel is like black powder. One gives
    a hard kick, the other a forceful shove. If you have ever
    shot with black powder you know what I'm talking about.
    Biodiesel makes the engine sound nicer too. Not the
    clatter and rattle.

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    How did the diesel secret work out? How long have you been using it?


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    Don't use diesel secret... unless you have spare injector pumps.

    Don't use diesel secret... unless you have injector pumps to spare.
    My father went through his injector pump
    (brand new) on his 2002 3500 dodge due to that crazy mixture. Now that he is just mixing diesel and filtered used oil everything runs fine.
    I moved to Indiana and I tried collecting oil from restaurants, here they are paid for their oil by large companies who make feed stock and biodiesel. Totally not worth it anymore.
    I had been doing biodiesel and vegi oil use since 2003. It was easy then, I actually used to charge the restaurants I collected from.

    Please read this site for more info:
    Read the first page then the last page (last post)

    Their video for this diesel secret is so fake!
    Listen to the lady in front of the VW beetle then read this website:
    According to these testimonials her name is Keith and he/she left her/his comment in July 2006.

    If people would actually read and listen to their ads they would see the deception.

    It is a hoax and those who support it make money doing so.
    Please do not try this concoction, it is way more expensive (damaged pumps) than they conclude.

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