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Thread: how many trees?

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    how many trees?

    thinking about a 36 by 36 foot 2 story home. my logs are approx. 40 feet long, 14 inches at the butt and 10 at the top. 1)will these be adequate and 2) how many will i need? thanks in advance. scott

    ps i know all this will be covered in this april's class however i am very curious to know if i am going to be in the market for more trees or MAYBE even have leftovers. thanks again

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    Number of logs for your home...

    First, forget about the bottom measurements...
    The mid point of your logs is 12 inches... So, how tall do you want your walls. How about 16 feet...
    So then you would need 16 rows of 4... 3 RPSL's and one ridge pole. Then 3 girder logs for the second floor... I count 71 logs with at least 10% extra will bring you to about 78 to 80 logs...

    I personally would like to recommend slightly larger logs than 10" tops.. My tops were close to 12 inches. If I were to do it again I would try for 14 inch tops. With 12 inch tops you can achieve a 16 foot log wall with 14 rows or a total of 63 logs plus 10%.
    Hope this helps.
    Best of luck

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    Your logs

    will work. If you ALREADY have logs that size that are straight you should be all set once you take the class.


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