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Thread: let myself introduce myself

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    let myself introduce myself

    Hi to Everyone,

    I'm Rick Buchanan. Live here in Washington. Bought a piece of
    land right after I took the course from Skip. We've been great
    but sometimes separated by distance friends. Took the course
    somewhere around 1992. No date on my membership card.
    Selling the land I bought and moving far away to build a log home.

    Already have my new piece of land. I love it.

    Been a woodworker for over 30 years. Involved in building homes
    for myself and working for contractors, mill and case work, and
    installation. Also been a firefighter for the last (almost) 24 years.
    Just became eligable to retire 1 1/2 months ago. Will be finishing
    our home here in Wenatchee, building our log home, selling the
    Wenatchee home, retiring, moving into our loghome and enjoying
    the good life. Will be far from inactive, just not fighting fire and
    performing emergency medicine in the middle of night anymore.
    Been told I'm very good at medicine and since I have my inservice
    hours I should spend the little extra time to become a cardiac P.A.
    Yeah, think I'll do that...right after I get a tonsilectomy by direct incision.
    Sorry folks...I'm RETIRING!! Sorry for digressing.

    My eldest is upstairs on the Mac working on the dowelmaking video
    for the association. Shows how to cheaply (one of my favorite words)
    make dowels and then using those dowels for building your model.
    Will be available through the association (contact Ellsworth or Steve) when it's finished. Next I'm hoping to produce a log home model building video. Going to be a busy year. Lotsa building, remodeling, and getting ready to retire.

    Also enjoy photography (wedding & portrait) and building guitars.

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    let myself introduce myself

    Welcome to the board Rick! Glad to have your expertise to add to the mix!


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    whatever happened to the doweling video :?:

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    Re: video?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andythompson
    whatever happened to the doweling video :?:
    Rick graciously filmed everything and sent it to me for editing/publishing, and I just haven't had time to work on it yet.

    I don't have an ETA yet but I will get to it as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay!


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    let myself introduce myself

    Thanks for the update..........but don't take away from working on the class manuel!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure those of us that don't have one would like to have the course manuel first! :lol:

    No offense intended toward our friend :P :!:

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