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Thread: I am new to this virtual community and would like to introduce myself.

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    I am new to this virtual community and would like to introduce myself.

    I have noticed that there is great camaraderie within this forum. This is so gratifying to see. I live with my husband in Alberta, Canada. We have plans to build a log home within a year or two.

    I am so grateful for finding this site, as it is so informative and has stopped me from making a huge mistake. I have talked to quite a few log kit companies and had recently chosen one to build our home; my husband and I have now decided to hold off until we have taken the log home building course, I look forward to attending the course.

    Does anyone have any advice on which species of wood to use? Or does it matter? I also stumbled across a company that uses forest fire killed logs with the least moisture content available, any comments on this? They also say that their logs are fully checked so that the stain can fully penetrate, which lowers maintenance. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.


    Lisa Rasi
    Alberta, Canada

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    Welcome to LHBA Lisa. Looks

    Welcome to LHBA Lisa. Looks like you've found this community just as many others have.

    Species? Well, as long as it isn't something exceptionally prone to rot, almost anything will work. Obviously, the straighter and stronger, the better, but as Skip, the original LHBA guru said, "Use what ya got." The class covers in great detail, the best ways to build and protect your investment from rot, without spending a fortune on expensive sealers and caulks. (the direct opposite of most, if not all, kit home manufactures) Yes, standing dead timber can be used. I'm seeing more and more kit companies mentioning this being their source for logs. How long after it's been dead for use depends a lot on environmental conditions for your area, and the species of tree.

    I must say, that's got to be the first time I've heard of someone saying that checking is a good thing. That one should be added to the kithome warnings page. Then to say it's low maintenance "feature" when everything about their designs creates tons of maintenance. Want low maintenance, build LHBA style. No staining, no sealing, and best of all, no settling. You'll love the class. It's a real eye opener.

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    Low Maintenance is important.

    Low maintenance is definately important to me, as I would rather spend my time doing something more exciting and creative. A friend of mine just spent her whole summer chinking and staining her log home..... sounds like too much fun for me:0) lol That's the reason I kept on searching for bigger and better information about building log homes, I am all about efficiency:) Looks like I stumbled upon the most valuable information that I could ever have in regards to log homes.

    Lisa Rasi
    Alberta, Canada

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    Staining logs a matter of preference

    If you want to stain your logs you can. Take a look at some of the members' sites and you'll see several who have. However, this is only necessary if you want to keep your logs a certain color. It is definately not necessary for preservation. My dad lives in a log home that's over 100 years old, it has never been stained and it's completely sound.


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    Welcome Lisa! You'll love

    Welcome Lisa!

    You'll love the class. One big suggestion is that I wouldn't make any decisions about the house (plans, logs, lots, etc) until AFTER you've taken the class...your whole perspective on it will change and thus, your plans will also. Not to mention you'll learn all kinds of techniques for saving money and time, and how to select your logs, etc. Best of luck with everything!

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    Fellow Albertan

    Hi Lisa!
    Welcome, and I'm glad you found this site. That is the same way we found it. We live in Edmonton and took the class in May of 2007. We have purchased our land and plan to start building this spring/summer. Where are you located? It is very hard to find anyone close enough to help, visit or talk to that lives close enough to us. Would love to hear from you. My email is or you can just reply to this post. Take care and enjoy the class. It is definitely worth it!

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