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Thread: Federal No trespassing signs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klapton
    Unexploded Ordinance would be good too, lol.
    I've seen those signs, and they work for me! Probably bull patties, but I'm not going to find out!!!

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    don't feed the monkeys

    I just started reading a book called "40 acres and a Fool", about a guy who moved from city life to country life and his experiences. He said he put signs up that said "DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS!" and for some reason this worked better than simple "No Tresspassing" signs. He really wrote this in his book!

    I guess anything outlandish may make people step back and think twice.

    2 cents

    (I wonder if "Beware of Sasquatch" would work......)

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    "Under Quarintine, High Risk

    "Under Quarintine, High Risk Warning"
    "Biological Disease Testing Site"

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    Island of Misfit Toys

    Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary

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    more signs

    Wild Grizzley Refuge


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    Here's your sign... :-)

    IRS Training camp

    Ahhhhh! Run away run away!

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    No Tresspasing

    I would not recommend signs that provoke officials to get warrant or some inspection to search for hazardous or explosive materials on your property, and make you liable for their expenses.
    I will use sign that warns about extreme danger on property but not explains at all what it is about, like this:

    or this one -
    (I have high voltage microwave !)

    or this one:
    (sometimes my chainsaw may be extremely dangerous ! )

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    good point GT

    Very good point GT. I especially like the first sign you posted. It is very generalized but powerful. Kola

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    After pinning all my logs, I

    After pinning all my logs, I think I'll put a sign out for all the onlookers & question-askers:

    "Enter this property & you will be put to work"

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    I like all the signs in the

    I like all the signs in the movie 'Second Hand Lions' for those who have seen it. ; )

    The big gay Al and C02 signs really cracked me up.

    Klapton, since you are planning on building in a potential flood plain, you need signs that say, "Danger!!! Do Not Enter!!! Area Subject to Extremely High Levels of DiHydrogen Monoxide!!!

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