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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Sunny Oregon, isn't that the stop just before heaven? Sacramento is too hot and flat for my liking. Seeking a little altitude for more moderate temps & more nature's ambiance. I want to thank you for your open minded hospitality aka tolerance, LOL. If I feel welcomed now what happens on the 'other side?' Life will never be the same......

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    Life really will never be the same! It is wonderful

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    I suppose I'm out of sequence here but oh well. Born and raised near Sacramento, Ca. Moved to Arcata, Ca to attend school for 3 years, got married and went to work for the USFS in Portland, Or as a wildlife biologist. Moved to Michigan for a year then back to California for work. Biologist, teacher, electrician, retiring next year and moving back to Michigan.

    The wife and I have spent a ton of time on Zillow deciding what we like and can afford. Everything gravitated back to open floorplans with covered porches, log cabin kits and here. We learned a lot just browsing the site, which I still do daily (lots of threads and ideas). Buying a smaller home with more property is the current idea, giving us elbow room to build after.

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    welcome Mr Lightfoot. is your first name Gordon?
    glad you're here

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    We might somehow be related, Gordon. My Brother Bo and I have an Uncle Harvey who is rumored to be somewhat lightfingered. He is Cousin Tom Featherstone's stepfather but we like him anyway.

    We'll talk more on the member's side and you can feel free to stop in anytime you are up this way and we can do a DNA test or somethig to try and get you officially into the Nut family tree.

    PS... Welcome aboard. You'll most likely enjoy class and like moving on with that log home thing that you've been thinking about.
    Every time I have strayed from the teachings of Skip Ellsworth it has cost me money.

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    I was almost named Harvey Herod... Too bad, I might have gotten a job as a news anchor or something.
    I would have made a great weatherman.
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    Howdy my name is Ron, have not attended the class yet. Plan on taking it next year. Me and my wife just closed on our property in southern Colorado last month. I'm excited to start the process of building our cabin in the mountains. I have been reading a lot but have just now started to post. Would love to see some pictures of your cabins and the ones in process. Looking forward to using the forum more.

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    Welcome to the family, Ron! We're in north Alabama, building a 40x40. About to start our 7th course- which is our second floor. We're building it with block and tackle, hoping to get the roof on this year, but that date will probably slide by a month or two.

    "cutting trees is more important than thinking about cutting trees or planning to cut trees." ~ F. David Stanley


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    Hello all,
    I'm in Florida for 16 years and longing to get back to mountain living. I am looking in NC to build there.

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    Hello everyone,
    After ten years living in Alaska, and dreaming of building a log cabin, hope to start to making it happen in the next year or two, but instead on a special plot of land down in the Pacific Northwest.

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