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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Introduce yourself

    Hi All!
    My name is Jeff Geddes and I took the course in February, 2004. Been looking for some suitable land on the east coast of Canada to build, but haven't found anything suitable yet (price is a factor of course!) Really glad to see these forums, will be a great way to keep in touch with everyone and gain some valuable info too !! Thanks to everyone at the Log Home Builders Association for getting this going !

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    Hey My name is Chad Burum. I took the class in July 2004. Icurrently live in Oklahoma City with my wife and our two boys. We plan to relocated to Bend, OR in May or June and start building our home.

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    Greetings from the Dillinghams in Rhode Island

    My husband, Mike, and I took the course in November 2004. Since we've gotten home, we've been looking for land. A big, big project to find suitable, affordable land on the Southern New England coast where all our family is. May take us a couple of years just to buy the land!

    In the meantime, we've started collecting tools and items for our home. Picked up a brand new, never-been-used, Kohler bathroom sink the other day for FREE! Love deals like that. Already have a few doors and windows plus everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - for a new kitchen except the cabinets, which Mike is planning on building himself. We had planned on doing some extensive remodeling on the home we're in a couple of years ago but plans changed. So now we're going to just keep everything for the new place. The things we bought, we bought at greatly reduced discount prices....I'm known for being quite a bargain hunter. :)

    Very happy that you've started these forums. It will be so helpful to be able to stay connected with other builders. I learned the hardway that joining a regular, log home email list isn't the answer. They all seem to think we're nuts for wanting to build this way - and do it with no mortgage. Their loss.


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    Hey Steve et. al.,

    My wife and I attended the December 04 class and sat up front - remember- we harassed, interupted, joked, jibed, prodded, poked and just generally were a nuisance to you and ellsworth! Aw that's an exaggeration.
    We thoroughly enjoyed the class tho and are glad to see the forums. Especially the Alternative building forum inasmuch as we are 98.375% sure we're going to go with Cordwood Masonry construction for our home.
    We already have land, and are going to build our pumphouse using this method as a primer as soon as the weather dries and we can gather up all the materials.
    We sifted and thought and debated and talked and kicked it around for hundreds of hours and Cordwood beat out the Butt and Pass log home, at least for us, hands down.
    We look forward to using the forums and are grateful for the opportunity. Keep up the good work!
    Kevin and Terry.

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    Intorducing Myself

    I name is Al Abrams and I took the Class in May of 04 in Massachussets. I thought taking the class would persuade me not to Build a Log Home. That has not worked so far. I thought sanity would prevail and I would sign up for a
    Dowell House
    and pay by the month for others to have all the fun and make money to boot.

    There appears to be a process that starts with the desire for a log home. Getting information. Finding Log Home Builder's Association and taking the class. The two critical stages after that appear to be Land and Logs. The rest appears to fall into place with effort as the balance of the items are commonly available by some means. Some where is this process the conventional view of things is simply lost.


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    Introduce yourself

    Greetings Fellow Log Lizards!
    My name is Jim and I was baptized in Logs during the December class.

    I'm stoked to get started but alas I'm shopping land and supplies. If I find something I feel will be of use to you fellow builders I'll post it here. I'm in Seattle so most things will be local. Unless of course its a link.

    I'm looking for land commutable to Seattle NOT in King County. Snohomish or Kitsap preferred.

    Thats it for now! I'm rambling... A tip of the Cap to you guys who put this forum together! Great Job!
    All the best, Jim

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    Re: Hello fron the Deep South....

    Quote Originally Posted by ed roy
    Dags, my girlfriend
    "...Heya Ed!

    How's my favorite weatherman-slash-stand-up-comedian? I remember you and Dags like I remember my own name. ;)...."


    Hi Steve... and we remember you too and how welcome you and Skip made us feel!

    I would really like to head back there just for a visit... Hey maybe you'd enjoy some Cajun cookin' like a chicken & sausage Gumbo or a crawfish etouffe! turns out... besides being a great eater... I'm quiet a cook also...!

    A big Hello from Dags.. and from me.!


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    Introduce yourself

    Howdy Folks

    My name is Blayne Sukut. I took the course back in February of last year with Steve as instructor. Glad to see the forums and looking forward to getting to know folks.

    We're still working on gathering things we need to build. We rearranged our finances so we could afford some land this year etc.

    Steve I have really appreciated the news letters and have been meaning to email you and thank you but have just been busy and never got around to it till now. You know how it goes :D

    That article from the guy who made his own blocks from snatch blocks was great I love that kind of stuff and will probably be doing similar since I haven't been able to find any older blocks and being frugal don't want to pay an arm and a leg for new ones ;)


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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Russ Armstrong from Edmonton Alberta, I took Skip's class in
    march of 2003 and I am currently looking for just the right piece of property in the Edmonton area to build on.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone else in this neck of the woods
    who has taken the class and or built using Skip's method.

    Just wanted to say hi to all the like minded log home folks out there, and I look forward to participating in this forum.

    God Bless,


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    Introduce yourself


    My name is David and will be attending the seminar this Saturday. I am really looking forward to it. I am from Billings, MT.

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