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Thread: Introduce yourself

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    Introduce yourself

    Howdy all!

    Welcome to the new forums... how about posting a note in this thread so we can get to know each other?

    For those who don't know me, I'm instructor Steve with the Association. ;)

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    Introduce yourself

    Hey Steve!

    SohnHwa and I are working on our model and we hope to attend the meeting in February with it.

    Hello to everyone else out there. I'm sure this and the other forums will be a great resource. Our thanks to those who had a hand in its creation.

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    Introduce yourself

    Hi! :D

    My name is Kelley (obviously) and I took the class in May of 2002. I don't live in or around Washington, so I haven't been able to make it to any of the meetings. I hope to someday, though.

    I look forward to reading about everyone's plans and hope to get back into planning for my home soon!

    I agree... thanks to those who are providing us with this place to congregate!

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    Introduce yourself


    My name is Scott. I attended the class this Past December ('04) and am currently looking for land and gathering tools. Hope to be building in less than a year.

    Look forward to meeting people and using this site to share ideas, lessons, etc.

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    Jeff in NH

    Hey all, and Hey Steve -

    My name is Jeff Gunn, I live in New Hampshire and I took the class with Skip and Steve in November of 2003. I'm in the process of looking for land - trying to find something suitable for building, with a bit of privacy, but cheap enough that I can pay cash for. I'd like to build my first cabin out of pocket, no more loans!

    Thanks for setting up the forums, this was an excellent idea.

    -Jeff in NH (2 Fs and 2 Ns, Skip, if you're reading this :D )

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    My son and I took the class in May of 04. It changed my way of thinking about what I will be doing for the next five years... I will be retiring next Friday, building at least one log home on Camano Island, Wash.

    I have a ton of questions being that I have not lived around serious trees for a long time. I don't have a clue about "Clearing" land. But I am not afraid of work... I figure if my ancestors could do it - I can.

    It will be an adventure of a life time...

    Rocklock - builder of fine flintlocks and soon at least one log home.

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    Hello fron the Deep South....

    Greetings to all from the deep South!

    Dags, my girlfriend, and I took the class with Skip in November of 2003. I have some land here in Cajun Country and plan to build a small Village of loghomes (cabins) and one large loghome facility. My plan is to use these as not only a residence but as a bed & breakfast village since we have so many visitors to this area.

    I have one model built and I think I've located a source of logs. A friend in Mississippi seems to think he can help me get pine trees from there. Has anyone had any experience with pine?

    All the best to everyone....


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    Re: Hello fron the Deep South....

    Quote Originally Posted by ed roy
    Dags, my girlfriend
    Heya Ed!

    How's my favorite weatherman-slash-stand-up-comedian? I remember you and Dags like I remember my own name. ;)

    Please be patient with us while will build up the forums here. It takes a while for enough folks to sign up and start posting. ;)

    I'm shocked at how many of the folks that have posted here, whom I actually remember personally. I hope we can build a friendly, strong community -- both for members of the association and others who are thinking of building a log home.


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    Introduce yourself

    I took the class this past summer, July '04. I'm thrilled to see the forums up and running. I'm sure they will provide an additional level of interaction and mutual benefit among members. Thanks to the crew for doing the work to get them all set up!

    I'm currently living in Belgium, but will be returning to the States in a few months. Initially, I'll be in the San Francisco bay area for about 6-9 months. Then I plan to buy land in Pennsylvania and begin my log home project in earnest.

    And by the way, I'd be most interested in contributing labor on another student's project in order to get some hands-on experience. I anticipate that I'll be available to pitch in sometime late this summer or fall. Keep me in mind if you'll be building at that time!



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    Howdy ya'll

    My name is Mark and I attended the class in December '04. Currently looking for logs in Alabama. Looking forward to using the forum.

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