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Thread: Battery Alternative

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    Battery Alternative

    I service the fire alarm systems for Microsoft here in the Seattle area; one site (a 200,000 sq ft server farm) uses a flywheel to bridge the time gap between utility loss and generator start. The flywheel is attached to an electric motor on one end that keeps the wheel rotating and generating power. When the utility drops out, the gen starts, syncronizes, and takes over on the other end. The result is 100% uptime, no fluctuations whatsoever. Pretty cool! The site draws about 12 Megawatts.


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    Battery Alternative

    This EEStor energy storage device looks promising.

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    Reviving this old thread - can you use lithium batteries in place of lead acid for a solar set up?

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    Sure. People routinely do that.

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    It is a new world and things are different than they used to was.

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    we got these (though not from this company). LOVE THEM!

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    How many do you have in your bank and what are you running with them?
    This is one of our first purchases when we sell this house. We want a system that is mostly maintenance free and enough storage that we seldom have to worry about balancing usage.

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    Cindy, we have 9 370-watt solar panels to go with our 4 SOK batteries above (200AH). our system is more than what we need. we use as little electricity as possible. we don't have AC (we have a whole house fan that cools the place down just fine), all our light bulbs are LED, our primary heat source is wood (with propane in-floor radiant heat as a back up), oven/stove are propane. our batteries hold >2 days worth of electricity

    we're careful about our electricity usage, though. if we didn't want to worry about balancing capacity and demand i think we'd double our system. YMMV

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