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Thread: Just Cuteness...

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    I'm definitely a dog person. congrats on the new dog, LHN.

    Growley is barely limping these days. Back to his crazy self.

    so the other night, Iím out there working on the cabin and it got dark. Dog wanted to lay out on a sand pile. No fence around the yard yet, but he doesnít wander, like at all. So Iím in there chinking with lights on and doors open, and I hear a growl and a bark, which is weird cuz Growley isnít a barky dog. I put everything down and go look - just in time to see some guy in a jacket walking back down the driveway - only made it a few feet in, then heard the dog and decided to leave. I don't know who he was, but it doesn't matter.

    People donít walk in our neighborhood because everything (the store, the post office, the gas station) is so far away, it would take an hour to get anywhere on foot. The only folks walking are the meth heads looking for stuff to steal. And they want easy pickings - they donít want to deal with dogs.

    so Growley got an atta-boy and a pat on the head.
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    Cute lil pup!

    our pandemic puppy is 2 now!

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    Took him to the pacific ocean, he loves playing in the sand. French bulldog names Nugget. Be 5 yrs old mid December


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