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    Hello folks. We're building our retirement home 28x40 and I have some questions. And hoping to get some information about the insulation. It's not a log cabin but will look like one. 1x6 clear pine with 3/8" chinking between the boards.
    I believe this system would work great in a log home. The walls are 2x6 with 1/2" plywood,tyvex. 1x2 lathe with the pine boards nailed flat on the lathe.
    Rockwool insulation between the studs. 6 mil visqueen vapor barrier sealed tight. I use butyl caulk, black death. Then 2" of ridgid foam insulation R-10 nailed over the vapor barrier. 1x4 lathe installed horizontal, 5 rows. Top bottom middle, middle of middle. Then 1x4 boards installed vertically over the studs. Fastened to the studs, 16"oc. I will use 6" timberlock screws.
    This will reduce the number of holes in the vapor barrier. The electrical and water lines are ran in the gap created by 1x4s. Sheetrock over the vertical 1x4s. Electrical boxes can be placed just about anywhere, easily.
    This type of construction method could greatly reduce drafts. It is designed to dry moisture in the walls to the outside.
    We have in floor hydronic heating and a fuel oil drip stove that resembles a wood stove for the living room floor. I will install 18" of blown cellulose insulation in the lid for r- 65.
    Any and all opinions welcome

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    We have a log cabin. And I really enjoy it.

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