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Thread: First log home construction

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    First log home construction

    Hello to the group, I wish to build my first log home I am from Australia but want to spend 6 months a year in retirement in the USA. I am a little different than perhaps most on the forum as I do not want remote wilderness and totally off grid living. I wish to purchase a building lot and Minnesota is my chosen state. I want a wooded lot but need it reasonably close to a town or small city and want access to utilities such as electricity and town water hopefully sewage although I would install septic no problem. If anyone can give me the heads up on a great area it would be really appreciated. Would consider other states if area was suitable.

    Thank you

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    Can I just add to my initial post above that I would consider a gated community if building lot was suitable.

    Thanks again


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    Stay away from gated communities and HOA's (home owners association) I've built several homes up in that area, I really like Wassau and Osseo area of Wisconsin, it's next door to Minnesota and has very similar weather/terrain/funny accents dontcha know
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    hi there. We're building in Minnesota. we find we needed at least a half acre of last in order to work with the logs. there are many wonderful websites to assist with finding properties

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