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Thread: Kit Log Home Disassembly

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    Kit Log Home Disassembly

    I am a new member seeking help with something that has likely been addressed on this forum before. Someone has "offered" me the logs, beams, floors, etc., from a 3,000 + sf kit log home built in the late 70's for the cost of disassembly and moving the logs to my property where I intend to have the logs milled into usable lumber. I have no idea the scale of such a project and whether the cost is ultimately more than the value of the lumber to be milled, but at today's prices it would seem that I could get quite a few board feet of lumber from it. I know it won't disassemble like a lincoln log house, and that there are likely pins in every corner of the house. But I am not reassembling the house, so cutting through the corners to avoid the steel pins is acceptable if that's the only location of the pins. Otherwise, the landowner is simply going to demolish the house and haul the material away, something he can do relatively cheaply. Any insights or suggestions appreciated.

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    I have no idea how this was assembled, but given the cost of lumber today I would jump at the chance.

    Windows and doors will be worth the trouble.

    I would get some idea how it is assembled, I would get a chain saw with a new blade that will cut straight, and go for it. But of course the roof will need to be removed first.

    good luck
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    Sounds like you might need help, trailer, maybe some machinery for lifting etc.

    Definitely sounds like it's worth the effort.

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    Where will the job be? You might find some help with machinery and labor here for a share of the take.

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