Hello All,

So I am new to the forum, and new to log homes. I recently purchased a log home here in Australia (built about 15 years ago). Sadly the previous owner who build the house, didn't take good care of it. Well, maybe fortunate for me, as I got it very cheap. But now I have the task of maintenance, and doing all the things he didn't. First and foremost, chinking, both inside and out.

So down here, we don't seem to have access to stuff like PermaChink or LogJam that I can find. So I am using another flexible caulking material available down here called Sellys No More Gaps. BUT... am looking for any advice that you can give me. Maybe a different product that I can get down here. The stuff I used seems hard to work with than what I see you guys using over there.

I did a trial run in one of the spare rooms, and for my first go, I am OK with it, but not happy with how it turned out. Will probably need to go over it and smooth it out more.

I used the cake knife method.

Cant seem to insert pictures I would post one up