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Thread: Green Logs?

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    Green Logs?

    IIRC from Skip's class (back in '99), the only real issue with using green logs using the butt and pass method is possibly having to rechink. Are there any other issues? What about checking when the logs dry out and water entering there? Thanks.

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    Don't worry too much about it, your logs will be seasoned by the time you get them ready to chink.
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    I have checking, but you can just fill the check if its that bad. The real key is building your over hangs large enough to keep almost all of the water out. A check doesn't have to be very big to collect water. But logs dry at what, 1" per year? If you want seasoned logs, you are going to be waiting awhile.

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    If you live anywhere in the south im sure you have seen the covered porch's on older homes that went all the way around the house. I never knew why they did but after i went to the LHBA class i understand why now. It is just like Loghouse nut, and arrowman said. and really it will keep the water from pouring in around your foundation as too which cant be a bad thing right?
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    how do you get past the codes of logs having to be graded or rated?

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    Have them graded
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    Quote Originally Posted by rckclmbr428 View Post
    Have them graded
    What he said,

    Or move

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    I'd wait as long as you can to let them dry out. I have some gaps opening up quite a bit in mine. Last night some sap started running on one of my rafters and I have sap all over my dining room now.

    My logs were cut and peeled over two years before we chinked. Get your logs as early as you can and let them season as long as you can.

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