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Thread: Question about building in remote areas

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    It's called having a green zone around the house 30 feet out. Trim up your trees 10 feet from the ground. Get rid of all the fuel out in the woods mow underbrush , take down all dead trees and don't pile firewood within 30 feet of house.

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    Hi Vermillion - first time I have seen you post. Are you on Vermillion then or nearer Ely?
    We have a old log cabin on Burntside Lake that belongs to my sister. I pray that fire never gets near that one. A smaller break out in 70sgot within 1 mile before they contained it. Thankfully it was small in nature - and incredible response by all involved to which everyone owes a great deal of gratitude.

    Good friend lost his 2 places on the Gunflint Trail in recent years to fire. I know he had, in both case, at least cleared 65-70' and cleared annually all the dead under brush, etc even farther. Lots of downed dead wood from that July 4th, '09 blow down around and IMO that was a given it would happen. Just a question of when - hard to control the property that you don't own that surrounds you.

    I am sensing one just uses common sense, clears as best they can as far as feasible and just prays disaster does not happen. No real magical bullet will do the trick.

    At least up here we don't _usually_ have them ugly twisters to contend with.
    Been thinking building an underground tornado shelter may be something worth investing in. Small and tight with oxygen source maybe. Something worth looking into I guess. Getting roasted and badly burned is one thing I never want to experience. 2 college mates were horrifically burned when our rental place went up years ago - if you ever go through that situation you never ever forget it.

    Interesting topic-nothing is totally safe. We do the best we can and that's all we can do

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