40'X40' layout issues

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I finally found my 3-floor 40X40 layout from a few years ago. I like it but I see some issues--what you you see?

1. Plumbing doesn't line up floor-to-floor, but there are no wet 'walls' (no plumbing touching log walls).
2. Kitchen triangle (stove/oven, fridge, sink) is jacked up--fridge needs to move over next to the mud room door.
3. No way to get to the third-floor staircase! Maybe a spiral staircase in the open loft area of the second floor.
4. Third floor is intended to be storage with 3' walls before the roof pitches in (gable end at bottom of stairs). It would be hard to store boxes up there with just a spiral staircase from the second floor.


Thanks, all!

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