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I am a negligent member. I have posted a few questions on the forum but I don't feel qualified to answer anybody's questions. I have posted bunches of pictures of our Log home to my facebook page and would be glad to accept any of you as a friend. Rodger Russell is the facebook name.

We began building our home last summer. Today we finished framing the main floor and cut out our first window. Going was pretty slow over the long cold winter but we managed to keep working a little most every day. We were able to get our roof on last November, honestly, the day before the first snow. We cheated a little on the roof. We got some help from a roofing contractor. Otherwise we were going to be sitting through the winter with nothing to do.

We are living on our property in a 38ft 5th wheel RV. Can you say cabin fever? We were beginning to experience it. The closed in feeling was much worse than the snow and the cold.

I would like to see your comments on our work, although I feel very inadequate to the task I have taken on.

Happy Trails,
Rodger AKA Topduffer. Click image for larger version. 

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  1. sdart's Avatar
    Hi Rodger,
    I don't have a Facebook account, so can't see your other photos, but the one you posted above looks very impressive. Beautiful logs and roof in a gorgeous setting-- congratulations!
  2. Log Al's Avatar
    What Sarah said. And You need to post on LHBA website , everyone is waiting to see Your progress. Looks like You have a good handle on this. Farther along than many of us. When You get time post on LHBA so we can all enjoy with You. A Great Build in beautiful area. My Wife and I are building in Creede Col.

    Alton Hunter (Log Al )
    Updated 05-05-2013 at 01:21 PM by Log Al
  3. Kara's Avatar
    Thanks for you're words of encouragement in your comment on my blog!! I agree with Sarah and Log Al... Love your picture! It makes my heart skip a beat thinking that we could be exactly where you are at one day. I don't have facebook either, but I'd love to see more and hear about your experiences! Great job, Friend!!!