Best Christmas Ever... Next Day

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December 26, 2011...

Many thanks to those of you who read my recent family trivia post and sent your wellwishes. Throughout this ordeal I have sought no council. I have great confidence in our own inner strength and innate instincts. We know what's right and wrong and we should follow our nose.

My best friends have no idea what has been going on for the most part. I suppose that would indicate that my "normal" activities are abnormal enough that suspicions are not aroused when things seem goofy from the outside looking in.

Suffice it to say that we all agree that this was the best Christmas in a lllooooooooong string of GREAT LHN family Christmases. Don't worry about delusional thinking. There'll be bumps and downs and we all know it. There will also love and discussion that comes from love and commitment. I have never, and will never, regret a minute of it all. It is working out just like it ought to. In the end, our family had enough time with each of us alone and thinking things out, that it was simple stuff to talk about once the talking started. Very little blame has to happen when the conversation is honest and open on all sides. It's almost poetry.

So I'll still be plugging away on the house. Patty will help when she has to and Jake will help when he can. We like watching him make his "goofy kid" way through life as he turns more into a Man. As he saves up money for school he is working at Costco with me so I am able to keep an eye on him through my spies. It is a blessing to hear comments like "I wish we had one less Ron and one more Jake". I watch him tell folks the difference between Blue Ray and DVD right where I used to explain to the customer the difference between 1 head and 2 head VCR's. Time marches on and life is precious. Hug them every time you can but don't hold them so tight that you can't tell which direction they're trying to go.

One more thing. Thanks to my Dad, Skip Ellsworth, and my old friend Roy Masters. I, and the folks I love, owe you three so much.

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  1. Tom Featherstone's Avatar
    Congrats Ronnie on getting back on the same page again. If we didn't have these little valleys in life how would we appreciate the peaks. All experiences can be good if we grow and learn from them, some forget that when you're at the bottom the only view is up!

    Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!