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Bout Time!

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It's about time. It's about time I started this "blog" thing being that I'm home and on "IR" status.

I suppose that I should start somewhere near the beginning of this Log Home Journey that my wife and I are upon.

Our journey together started over 33 years ago, we'll be married that many years this November. We both were born and raised in Metro Detroit and moved our young family to Michigan's UP 25 years ago this past August. From the left over funds from our wedding we purchased 20 acres in Marquette County Mi. with the Hope & Dream to one day build a log home, raise a few chickens and work at McDonald's to pay the taxes.. it didn't quite go that way.

LHBA! I roamed around the public web site like most for a couple of years before even getting a screen name and asking my first question. I was the "A" typical "Newbie". I got to tell you, when there was about 30 of us standing in that cow pasture with the same look on our faces... "did we ALL just get had???" It took me about the 1st half hour to get passed "is this for real" then have never looked back from that moment on. We both took the class in April of 08' and are awaiting for the stars to correctly align to begin our build here. I feel that I'm forever in LBHA's debt for finally filling that piece of the puzzle and for those that we have since met here in the Forums. We truly do appreciate all the Blessings that this organization has brought to our life.

When we moved to the UP we ended up selling the 20 acres to buy a home in the town of Negaunee. We purchased the property we now live upon 20 years ago, were going into our 3rd winter here at the "FTroop" or "NowHere". It was "Camp" prior to moving here. We'd had still hoped to live/build here someday and then the economic crash of 08' took it's toll upon us too, lost our home of 23 years and Thank God we had a place to go to, so many others I know were much less fortunate.

We Survived! Is the most important part in all this.

We live "Off Grid" and carried water in the first two years. We up graded our power system to 3 deep cycle batteries last winter to charge our cells, Xoom and computer. We did get a well in a year ago and use it for our needs

A year ago at about this time Linda & I returned from a trip from another Long Term Dream. To finally see Alaska in person..... I still have not landed and don't intend to. Dreams fulfilled, create more dreams. They're not the end of the road. My Mom got us there by her passing, I told her to spend it or I would.. we did. Like the MC commercial "Priceless".

We are better prepared to build this next year if Mother Nature gives us the opportunity.

Edit...Somehow this didn't come through, I wrote this before the other 2 , on 10-24-12

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