buffing logs

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yeah, lots of non-log home building stuff going on- freezing weather not helping either- can't get the stain on or fill in the bee holes when the wood filler is frozen.

also, fixing engine on my truck keeps getting more complicated. one problem was I cracked (or maybe discovered a crack) on the corner of the head- had to take it back to the engine shop to get it welded, then order another new head gasket. Another problem on the other head was the ebay folks stuffed a heli coil in one of the cam bearing bolt holes, and I guess it fell out? had to pull the head back off that side and have the engine shop fix that as well, which meant ordering another new head gasket for that side as well. One of the lifters felt a bit tighter going in than it did coming out. Hope it's not because of being close to the heat of the weld. Now crossing my fingers that nothing else goes wrong.

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