Log craziness

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Seriously about ready to kill someone or something. Anything. Haven't been this frustrated in can't remember when. STILL trying to nail down a log supplier and just spent the whole afternoon with follow up phone calls to potential suppliers. Three guys now have told me they can help at a good price only to back out when I wanted to get a firm date or give them a down payment. Just got off the phone with the local guy that said he could help me out last month, but now he can't do that price any longer after he had thought about it. We've waited since 2008 to get this project going and now that we're all ready (actually 3 months behind schedule now) we can't get the dang logs. I went back to the LHBA Logger Database and called the gentleman listed for Wisconsin. I didn't call initially because he's several hours away and I knew the trucking would add a couple thousand bucks. Ironically, he actually answered the phone, was extremely pleasant and told me that my previously quoted prices were "crazy" and about half what they should be. I liked the guy right off the bat. No selling, no promises of great deals, just blunt and to the point. Can he get me logs? Yep, no problem but at around $ 4.50 - $ 5.50/ln ft ( $ 180 - $ 220 per log) twice what I had been hoping for. Trucking would be around $ 1500 to $ 2000. Ughh. Checked with State and National forests too. It's possible just like the class teaches but in the end is more expensive for a guy like myself after you follow all their rules and figure out all the logistics. Would be feasible if I lived close to one of the forests but that's not the case. One more phone call to make tonight and hopefully come up with a solution.

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