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18OCT16: Big developments this week! Finally found an affordable tele-handler not overly far from us and also committed to the trees for our garage build in Spring. After watching the auction sites for months, I found an older Lull 644-TT-34 Highlander II listed for 12K on Craigslist with a lot of maintenance and repairs already finished. Haggled over the phone for a couple days and got him down to 9k. Brother-in-law has CDL and we're renting his company's truck for 1k to go and get it this weekend. Sounds like the only upgrade I'm going to have to make is replace the current cubing forks with regular pallet forks. Those I'm already finding on Craigslist, just don't know if they will fit or not. Ronnie was big help in getting me the manual which is nearly impossible to find anymore without paying an arm and a leg. Was excited to think I was going to be able to move some of the boulders around, but after a little research found out that a 4'x 4' boulder is over 6000#. Kind of a bummer because over 50% of our boulders are bigger than that. Guess I'll save some diesel.

For the trees, we found a great guy that really knew what we were looking for and took us out to the site. Nice straight Red Pines with 18" - 24" average DBH and 16" - 20" tops. Couldn't find a better price at $ 2.50/ft ($ 100.00/ 40' log). He's guessing about $ 500 per truckload. He was thinking two loads until I mentioned that I was happy to take delivery at night or on the weekends (like they taught in class to say). He smiled and said that one truck should handle it then. LHBA class just saved me $ 500 !!! Now back to this damn model.....

Front of the stand of trees. Bigger ones are in back but couldn't get decent picture:

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  1. mudflap's Avatar
    those are beautiful!
  2. Nick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mudflap
    those are beautiful!
    We think so too Mudflap. The thing that got us real excited was how the logger was pointing out different trees and telling us how this one he would pick for us, and this one he wouldn't. So he wouldn't just grab the first 40 trees in the plantation but rather go through and pick out as he called them "perfect house logs". He spent a great deal of time pointing out different positives/negatives of each tree as pertains to log home building. He also builds log homes himself via the scribing method and was very enthusiastic to learn about our process. Honestly I was surprised to find a guy like this still exists in a large business - he actually cared about getting us what we were looking for even though it's not a large profit for him I'm sure. At the end of the meeting, we settled the deal on a handshake! He wouldn't take even a down payment until as he put it, "until I deliver you what you asked for". We expect delivery in December.
  3. twh4's Avatar
    Hey Nick, what kinds of trees are those? They're not Eastern White Pine are they?
  4. Nick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by twh4
    Hey Nick, what kinds of trees are those? They're not Eastern White Pine are they?
    Red Pine. Easiest to find and least expensive. Getting them for $2.50/ln ft