Promises, promises....

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12SEP16: As usual, my "hoped" for schedule for this weekend at the land didn't plan out as originally thought. Found out at last minute that my youngest had a CC meet out of town, and since I never miss a race, I altered our clearing plans and spent the rest of the day after the race with a GPS and compass flagging our boundaries so the logger can see where he's allowed to cut. Had to wade through 40 acres of full grown blackberries to find 100 year old barb wire which only showed itself in old trees that were still standing. My arms look like I tried to climb through razor wire, but since the wife was a trooper and never complained, I'm not getting a lot of pity....

On a different note, my landscaping buddy has offered to drop off his mini-excavator this Wednesday which I can use to start popping boulders and do a little bit of ground clearing. We have a lot of clearing to do to make room for the log yard, garage and house. It's so thick right now we can't even see the slope. Since the machine is limited to working on cleared (or relatively cleared) ground, the two boys and I spent all Sunday bent over with chainsaws hacking through an acre of 4" aspen growing inches apart from each other. Looks like we hardly made a dent. Hopefully if my friend remembers and drops off the machine I can get enough cleared to get an idea of the actual location for the buildings.

Still waiting on the plans to arrive from the LHBA - it's worse than being a kid and waiting for x-mas morning. I did discover though that a 1/2" blackberry thorn (still attached to the plant) will stop you in your tracks when it embeds itself up an unprotected nostril. It also elicits strange and very loud sounds that I think emanated from my own mouth. I say "I think" because it was hard to hear over my two boys laughter and caterwauling. Then the little *&!@#s decided to "bargain" before they would come to my aid. That damn thorn cost me a whole hour of planned work! Dang kids....

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