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Figured if i'm going to do this, might as well include the nitty gritty for anal retentive question askers like me I hope to make an entry every time a significant step is accomplished, so today is the day. Here we go:

30AUG16: Finally ordered the plans bundle for the 35' x 35' build today. We are going to start the garage first and pay as we go. Hope to get water and electric out there this fall yet and order logs this coming month for the garage. Needed the plans to figure out how many logs and what materials I should start looking for deals on.

31AUG16: Called our local planning and zoning office to make sure I would have necessary permits, etc. and that everything was legal, etc. Found out that before I can do anything, I have to apply for an address for my 44 acres. Sent an e-mail to the guy and he responded he was on vacation until next Wednesday. Then we set up a time to have him come and look where I can put a driveway in and apply for an address (fire #). Also found out that I don't need a building permit to get my water and electric set up as long as I don't hook it up right away to a building. Still waiting on logger to call me back to give me a price for clearing some of the hardwood out in my build site.

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  1. panderson03's Avatar
    kudos on the first steps!