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  1. DIY Logging... Engage!

    In the 2 day LHBA Class, Ellsworth made it clear that in the approach being taught, we trade our hard work and labor for the cash we would have spent on contractors. That being stated, I put my plan to action this weekend and went out logging.

    Previously I proposed that I could use the fire-killed trees on my family's land and use my own tools and equipment to log and skid. I bought a 50CC Craftsman chainsaw almost 3 months ago but never fired it up because my son had lost my gas ...

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  2. Anyone Use ELM? for the sawmill

    I was able to pick up nine, 10 foot sections of ELM trees this weekend.

    I am wanting to make 4x8 or 4X10's or even board/batten lumber with my new sawmill that I purchased.

    Has anyone used ELM before? Will it withstand the stresses of a porch roof or joists, etc?
    Some of the sections are 36 inches around. 3 sections are 20-30 inches, 4 are 12-20 inches in diameter.

    I purchased the Harbor Freight Mill on sale with 20% off coupon, delivered to my door for ...
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