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  1. Plumbing part II: hot and cold

  2. plumbing part I: DWV

  3. Greenstone home build

    Hey my name is Lauren

    I just recently joined the LHBA and am feeling very excited, relieved, motivated I had previously planned to build a full scribe log home, but after some road blocks I got discouraged. I'm a single mom of a 2 year old, and full time paramedic working 24 hour shifts. I decided to just buy a double wide for the sake of having somewhere to live to call my own. The price of a double wide, however, really starts to add up, and I began researching log home building ...

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  4. Stairs are in:

    The neat thing is: they go up - AND down!

    They are MOSTLY done - still need to add a rail and risers, but I have to wait for the freshly cut slabs to dry some...
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  5. chimney, stringers, stair treads

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