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  1. starting the 2015 building season

    we've been going back up the build for a few weeks now.

    working on closing in the triangle sides of the shed dormers, then will get the metal roof on.

    the roof looks great after spending 6 months covered with titanium. so glad we were able to get that step done before snow fall!

    after the dormer triangles and metal roof we hope to
    -pour cement floor in basement (with PEX for in floor heat!)
    -do final grade
    -build ...
  2. Looking for logs

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for logs in Herkimer county New York. Anybody know where I can get some at a good price. Or FREE if possible..............
  3. cabin roof

    got titanium on the cabin roof last weekend. WOW. what a relief! working on framing in and closing up the dormer sides now. then we can put up the metal roof. if we DON'T get to the metal roof this season, I'm comfortable that the build is protected for the winter. what a relief will post pics soon.
  4. BOOM CRASH... delay

    Ok, this blog is more or less a journal for me, as I go through the planning, development and actual construction of my first build. Previously I blogged about a shift in direction and beginning the logging process. Now I'm just posting that, being of limited funds and resources, I was still determined and positive about everything -- UNTIL two nights ago my daughters struck a horse on the road at night and (they're not hurt) rendered my little white pony (a 94 ford ranger) inoperable.
  5. Continuing the prep work at the homestead

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Name:	IMG_20140809_140753.jpg 
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ID:	2430We have the road in now and have started the house pad.
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