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  1. Update on schedule for rest of 2016

  2. tapered and crooked logs

    Hi everyone- just made a new post:

    talking about crooked logs and stuff. I think it will all work out. Thanks for all the helpful advice!
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  3. Trees & Telehandler

    18OCT16: Big developments this week! Finally found an affordable tele-handler not overly far from us and also committed to the trees for our garage build in Spring. After watching the auction sites for months, I found an older Lull 644-TT-34 Highlander II listed for 12K on Craigslist with a lot of maintenance and repairs already finished. Haggled over the phone for a couple days and got him down to 9k. Brother-in-law has CDL and we're renting his company's truck for 1k to go and get it this ...
  4. New post: drawing our own plans

    Hi, guys and gals:

    published a new post (kinda working on two right now- the next one will be talking about our crooked logs- thank you to everyone for helping me understand the crooked log issue and how to use them efficiently- your support is invaluable).

    Anyway, the new post is here:

    password is as usual: ABCD1234
  5. Log Yard complete

    07OCT16: Drove up to visit the land yesterday and what a difference. The excavator has completed the clearing of the log yard and driveway area. I've contracted him for two more days to clear out the area for the house and garage and we should be set. Have an appointment next weekend to head up north and pick out our logs.

    Log yard area before clearing:

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