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  1. Dealing with our utilities company

  2. On the edge of change....

  3. our model

    Ok, here it is: our model for a 40x40 . Logs are made out of strips of grocery store paper bags, spiraled and glued so they match the taper of our real logs. Scale is 1/4" = 1 foot. The white walls in the photos are about 9" thick when they should really be about 5"-6" thick, but everything else is pretty darn close to scale.

    It's not done- still missing the wrap around porch, the pier foundation, the roof with the sleepers, the stove pipe top, a piano with 88 ...
  4. Ready for logs

    27NOV16: We're finally ready to receive our logs. Wow, what a lot of work! Site is 95% cleared and ready. Here's my best before and after pictures:



    The telehandler was key as it allowed me to drag/pick-up the trees the ...
  5. Every log home needs a wood burning stove

    Hi everybody, it's my latest blog entry:

    Picked up this beautiful stove from the former Harp and string pub in Nashville, TN for $125! Enjoy!
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