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  1. jrdavis's Avatar
    I have just cut some 4 ft sections of 1/4" angle iron to extend my rails to 14ft. Now if the weather would cooperate.

    I was talking to a guy who will probably be cutting some 30 ft pines for me and in doing so I mentioned my sawmill and asked what he does with the trees that he cuts down in the area......
    He says " well I have no trouble getting rid of it, usually I'll just chip it up and people want the free mulch......" sigh.
    So I says maybe I could pay him for a couple of truck loads of 6-14 ft sections of trees.
    He then responds with well my wifes been after me to make a big picnic table out of some of the trees, but it just takes too long on my alaska mill. Do you think we could work a deal on trade, logs for lumber..... Hummm, THAT sounds like a good deal.
    and I'm off to another adventure.

  2. jrdavis's Avatar
    I will do that.
    LogHouseNut has got the exact one and has already been cutting with his, so we are going to compare notes in a few weeks and see what "imporovements" need to be made.

  3. tgb3's Avatar
    I want one of those mills!! I have been looking at them for some time now. Let us know how it works out for you.