Tom Featherstone

  1. Bout Time!

    It's about time. It's about time I started this "blog" thing being that I'm home and on "IR" status.

    I suppose that I should start somewhere near the beginning of this Log Home Journey that my wife and I are upon.

    Our journey together started over 33 years ago, we'll be married that many years this November. We both were born and raised in Metro Detroit and moved our young family to Michigan's UP 25 years ago this past August. From the left ...
  2. Home

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    We're back home now from Keen Agers until after the Holidays. I start a restoration job in Marquette on Monday.

    It will take a little time to digest these last few months and to share more of what I've learned. My heart tells me to dump the job closer to home and go back and get more done for these people that are so deserving of this upgrade to their home. We didn't get everything done that we'd hoped for in the time I was there and the fact that the guy that owns the place in
  3. It's My Party

    I guess that's what these blogs are about.

    I'm healed up as about as far as I think I'm going to get so ... back to work and to my other Home in the West End of the UP. I start Monday the 5th here on a restoration project in Marquette and will be at home until after the Holidays.

    The Xoom locked up this past week, so we lost internet connection for a few days. Linda couldn't go without so we went out and picked up an iPad with the Hotspot feature. 4G is coming ...