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  1. mudflap's Avatar
    Hey - haven't seen anything from you lately - how's it going?
  2. RockhoundMedic's Avatar
    Thank you!
    I will keep that in mind about the logs, those ones I cut down to widen my driveway to bring in a double wide trailer, that I'm no longer getting. I cut them into 10 to 20 foot lengths, so I am hoping to be able to use them in my 30 foot house still, and just put the butts together where there's gonna be a window or door.

    I was hoping to cut most of the trees down as I go, just to cut out extra steps, but I'm open to advice.
  3. mudflap's Avatar
    That's the way - hardcore! Interested in your progress, and will be following along with your build. Be sure to ask plenty of questions on the forum - we'd all love to give you advice.

    I noticed that pic with some pines on the ground and it made me think of my build - something I did wrong on my build:
    I cut all my trees before I put in the foundation. My reasoning was: I was trying to see how many pines I had that were the right length so I could figure out what size home I could build. I ended up cutting trees for 18 months before spending 4 months getting the foundation finished. Some of my logs rotted after sitting for 2 years. If I could do it over again, I would have cut maybe 1 tree, just to see what size it was, then leave the rest while I got the foundation finished.

    Anyway, nice to meet you, good luck!