1. soapstone island countertop

    Finally got the soapstone counter for the island - we started the process in July, and it's been a back-and-forth with ever since. Every week, I would harass them about reviewing our layout, or checking back on a slab they were going to go double check the measurements and "get back to" us. Wow. Glad that is over! I'm pretty happy with the piece, but pretty disappointed that the process was so ...
  2. Plumbing part II: hot and cold

  3. plumbing part I: DWV

  4. Stairs are in:

    The neat thing is: they go up - AND down!

    They are MOSTLY done - still need to add a rail and risers, but I have to wait for the freshly cut slabs to dry some...
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  5. chimney, stringers, stair treads

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