1. A brick hearth

    Steve said I would go from one thing that takes months to do (chinking) to many things that only take days to do, so here's a post about the brick hearth:

    any ideas on reducing haze on the bricks, shoot them at me.

    tried: lemon juice, water, going to try vinegar. It's getting better, but it's not exactly where we want it.
  2. Framing begins

    thought I would post "framing complete", but I'm probably going to stop framing and work on the stove before it gets colder. So there'll be another framing post eventually.

    Steve said instead of 1 thing taking 3 months to complete, I now have a million things that take days - weeks to we are....
  3. Every log home needs a wood burning stove

    Hi everybody, it's my latest blog entry:

    Picked up this beautiful stove from the former Harp and string pub in Nashville, TN for $125! Enjoy!
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