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  16. Hometime (TV Show) Log House
  17. Precast Basement?
  18. tree question
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  20. Demolition party, anyone?
  21. Tounge and Groove Board
  22. ok
  23. February 3, 2005 Seattle earthquake
  24. Where are the land bargains?
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  26. Gaylord House Bed and Breakfast - a nice place to stay
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  28. tankless water heaters
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  34. Want to build new Log Home
  35. Neato Permit Info Link for Western States...
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  37. Pictures of my house forms buried by lots of dirt
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  43. Out door wood buring furnaces?
  44. Any Homework before taking the class?
  45. any one every used a "log Hawg" before
  46. SCORE!! Free foundation materials
  47. U.S. closes logging area after 22 women arrested
  48. Advice On Self Build Material Costs
  49. Why do you want to build your own home?
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  56. scared to death
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  62. Corn /pellet stoves
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  64. Too Young?
  65. Article: 20 cost-cutting ideas for your new kitchen
  66. can anyone provide me with procut's sawmill plans?
  67. Virginia Trees
  68. Rules for Notching Logs
  69. saw an infomercial about some land for sale in tennessee
  70. logs
  71. Interfacing a log wall to an existing adobe wall
  72. Untouched national forests lose Clinton-era protections
  73. advice re: building site
  74. question about ceiling boards? picture provided
  75. t&g or shiplap?
  76. Graduation Class 15, May 2005
  77. Any experience with the "Ripsaw" portable mill?
  78. Southeastern Log Homes
  79. Memorial Weekend Class
  80. new home of the month ?
  81. 1st Annual LHBA Owner/Builder BBQ!
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  84. Am I crazy to put my dream on hold? New member,Hood River OR
  85. Log home insurance
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  87. getting the material
  88. Log Home, Will it Float?
  89. Roof Insulation
  90. Log Homes in Florida
  91. Exceptional Log Home Award for Greg LaFrance
  92. FREE LAND!!! Modern Day Homestead Act
  93. Introducing myself
  94. any leads on land in the tri state area - ohio. kentucky, WV
  95. Purchasing land
  96. Anyone from Ontario, Canada?
  97. Seeking advice
  98. Building log homes for profit
  99. Can I find a good Log Home in the Southeast?
  100. Hello there!
  101. Wiring Ideas
  102. Log homes in the UK?
  103. september class
  104. Exceptional Log Home Award for Mark & Lisa Sherrodd
  105. Signed up for September class
  107. Greetings, and Open-Ended Question
  108. Frustrated in Florida
  109. WOO HOO!!! 800 registered members!!!
  110. "green" logs and framing lumber
  111. What would you do with 1 or 2 THOUSAND trees
  112. Building mortgage free
  113. Plans
  114. What is the September class?
  115. Log Cabin Cost Estimate
  116. Now or later? One or both?
  117. Sep 14/15 class from Edmonton Alberta Canada
  118. Exceptional Log Home award for Patrick Gillespie
  119. Log Home Construction With Southern Yellow Pine ??????
  120. When Shopping For Land...Land with good timber?
  121. Anyone from Down Under?
  122. Affordability of log homes in the southwest
  123. red oak / cherry logs for log home?
  124. Learning to live in the great outdoors...
  125. problem with finding a logger - everyone wants to sell kits
  126. Anyone have experience with Skagit County, WA Bldg Codes?
  127. Log Construction costs
  128. strange question from a newby
  129. Black Spruce, Red Pine or White Pine?
  130. HELP ASAP - Interested in buying a 1862 log cabin home
  131. Log Home Insurance + House Inspect + Renov + Ontario,Canada
  132. Land Equity Loan
  133. Attending the October 15-16th Class
  134. What type of lumber for a log home?
  135. Class Expectations???
  136. Bark on the log cabin we are buying
  137. The Original Pier Blocks
  138. Merits of pressure washing bark off logs before building
  139. gravity water tank for plumbing
  140. Structural Services
  142. 1000th forum member!!!!!
  143. Are we drifting?
  144. Scheduled system maintenance
  145. Some technical details.
  146. Loblolly Pine Logs For Outbuilding???
  147. Building Horse Stalls in Sugar Sand and Wind
  148. Log Home Renovation Books/Magazines
  149. Anyone updated a 1840 log cabin fireplace before?
  150. poplar logs
  151. Anyone signed up for the Dec 10-11 class?
  152. New Pictures @ New Web Site
  153. Anyone from Florida?
  154. Question on cabins classes, and howdy.
  155. OurLogHouse.com
  156. Logs
  157. Getting whole logs?
  158. Tough Driveway/Anyone in NY???
  159. To Loft or not to loft?
  160. log species/size questions
  161. Exceptional Log Home Award: Jack and Joni Jessup
  162. Best Advice for Log Home Builders
  163. I must be nuts, Can I really build a house?
  164. whom to trust
  165. Where to get logs for a cabin in North Texas?
  166. Building around Fireplace???
  167. 7 Wall Cabin
  168. The butt and pass method
  169. Restoring an old cabin--HELP!!
  170. a few questions before I start saving cash for the class.
  171. A new guy checking in to say hello
  172. Chinking
  173. injury liability when acting as general contractors
  174. Felling trees from a safe distance (humor)
  175. Newby, just wants to say HI
  176. Australia calling in
  177. Exceptional Log Home Award: Jim and Paulie Dale
  178. tree choice
  180. Small anxiety in beginning
  181. Any Radiant Heating Experiences?
  182. For those who cut their logs from their property.
  183. Paul McCartney ordered to remove log cabin
  184. Homeowner's Insurance - Owner/Builder
  185. Chinking Costs
  186. Curing Logs? I am new to the forum.
  187. So I went the Eastern Sports & Outdoors Show . . . . .
  188. Dallas log home show
  189. Our timetable has changed-advice solicited.
  190. Half Log or Full Log - Seems to be a question of religion
  191. Building on rocky ground/North San Antonio
  192. I signed up for the March class...WOOOOOHHOOOOOO!
  193. Log home maintance
  194. Leaking & heating costs
  195. Man Hours
  196. Hurricane Katrina logs
  197. Exceptional Log Home Award: Jeff Cooley
  198. how to build a small model of your future house?
  199. new member with a quick question
  201. Curious
  202. chemical treatment for logs???
  203. Log Home Builder in Florida
  204. HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical
  205. Unexpected down time this morning (3/15/06)
  207. I'm goin' in April!!!!
  208. Excellent Articles on Log Home Engineering
  209. March 2006 Class was Awesome
  210. what makes a good plot?
  211. Advice on Pricing
  212. advice on excavation/engineering, please!
  213. Natural Cracking and bugs
  214. May class
  215. Log Playhouse and building
  216. Birchfield log homes, Nebo, NC
  217. compare "skip style log" to "stick frame"
  218. Can I use timbers cut from my own trees?
  219. Bugs! Help?
  220. Barna Log Home kits vs. Taking the class?????
  221. I am still considering a kit
  222. Earthquakes?
  223. Non traditional shapes?
  224. woodguard stain??
  225. Why I do it
  226. Poison Ivy
  227. how many
  228. Between The Logs
  229. Log Cut
  230. How far is the Gaylord B&B from the class
  231. Anyone lost money on log homes?
  232. Cracks in Wooden Floors?
  233. I signed us up!!!
  234. Holes in Logs - Bugs? Help!
  235. A few questions...
  236. A note about the class and the instructors...
  237. White cedar is very orange
  238. Wouldn't it be easier to just build a normal house??
  239. Mountain Climbing
  240. Butt and Pass Style Log Homes in Ontario, Canada
  241. Interior wall trim sheetrock wall to Double D log wall
  243. homemade door handles/latches
  244. electric crane
  245. Log Species for Humid Central Georgia?
  246. Skip's Construction Method - How Much Flexibility
  247. Considering Building - PROS and CONS of owning a log home??
  248. Cost for shipping logs?
  249. Members: Question before class this weekend...
  250. white cedar vs white pine half-log siding