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Thread: has anyone heard of or tried these?

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    has anyone heard of or tried these?

    I heard of these pumps a long time ago and just found the web site. just wondering what the overall view was from those who have heard of them or used them?

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    Yes, they really do work. The thing is they are very inefficient, because they use A LOT of water to pump small amounts. But that doesn't really matter if you are drawing from a spring or other unlimited source. Actually, LeConte Lodge in the Smoky Mountains uses a ram pump as it's first backup to their solar pump arrangement.
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    Another Ram Pump Site

    Here is a link to fairly detailed post about a ram pump from the "Judy of the Woods" web site. Now to find that spring...

    While you're there, take a look around some of her other links. Pretty interesting stuff. Inspiring to us women-folk.


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