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Thread: Power source that turns physics on its head

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    Power source that turns physics on its head

    This could be interesting if it works.

    Is it just me or is it every time some new type of power source is "developed" it always seem to be just "months" away from unveiling their creation.,2763,1627425,00.html

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    Power source that turns physics on its head

    One thing of which I take note in the article is, "If it's wrong, it will be proven wrong," is a bit off-hand. Actually, it is the scientist offering the theory that must provide any proof. No one else has to, or should. The scientific community should poke holes in it, if it can--and it seems it has. But, most funding institutions don't know what good science is about.
    They fall for the sales pitch.

    I find it interesting that the article quotes a high-visibility member of the Greenpeace organization. They are notorious for touting bad science, promoting statistical correlation as fact to a point equal to cause and effect and quoting "experts" that do not posess the expertise in the field for which they offer their opinion.

    This is much like consulting a dentist for a heart problem. Well? They are a doctor aren't they?


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