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    Quote Originally Posted by LogSurfer2 View Post
    Hi Everyone! I'm ready to sign up for the next class (hopefully Sept. 2011), and my husband and I were curious....once you take the class and are a member, we wondered if you are able to take the class more than once! Only reason we wondered is because so many people seem to take the class, but then not build right away....I certainly would need a refresher if we didn't start the process within a few years....

    Anyways, just curious, but it sounds like you can take it more than once...???

    Judy Rainey - San Jose/Santa Cruz Mountains, CA
    Judy, I'm speaking as a guy who took the class with his Wife in 1989 and then started grading for the foundation in 2009. Once you two have taken the class, and have access to the members side of the forum, you'll see how much help and knowledge comes from the folks who are currently building. It is a solid stream of people asking questions, building, and then answering the same questions later on for the next member. We are all building each others log home to a certain extent.

    The class gets you on the same page as everyone else and assures that Bobthelogbuilders's answer will match your question. It also assures that you will know enough about this system of building to know if you don't understand Bobthelogbuilder's answer. It is not uncommon to have a question start with the words "I know we must have covered this in class but...". Trust me, you come away from the class knowing you can do it and it'll make sense to you both. You'll gain confidence from watching the rest of us go through our builds online and you'll have a question or two along the way. You'll also spot a cool idea or two to incorporate into your home.

    It'll happen at your own pace. It is definitely NOT required to wait as long as we did or move as slowly as we are.

    PS... After 20 years we did not need a refresher class. We simply needed to want to do it and it started happening all by itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LogSurfer2 View Post
    we wondered if you are able to take the class more than once
    Your membership includes one class for one person. We have no official policy on retakes. You can read about what's included with a membership here.

    Back in the old days (before the internet) the association had free monthly members meetings. If you needed a refresher, you just showed up at a meeting and asked whatever questions you had, and didn't leave until you understood the answers. Today, most members use the online forums for that same purpose. Because we have members from all over the country / world that can't just stop by Skip's place for a quick chat.

    We still have members meetings every once in a while, but they don't happen very often these days and the volume of activity has definitely shifted to the forums.

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    Many have! they get the idea, take the class, then life steps in. Ten years later, they are in a position to take the next step, but want a refresher. There were two repeat students when I took the class.

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    OK, I get it! Yes, I understand about the forum kind of taking the place of the meetings....and that's probably for the better! Less expensive than traveling and you get your questions answered at whatever time or day you happen to have them! Thanks so much for the advice! Can't wait to be a life long member and get to that alluring "other side".... ;-)

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