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Thread: How to post pictures on the forum

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    well I'm going ot give it a try...... for INSERTING pics
    click the picture in the "quick reply " area that says "insert image" (it looks like a tree growing in a window frame) when you hover your mouse arrow over it.....
    it will pop up a window that wants you to select files from your computer or a URL (webpage storing pictures)
    choose 'select files' and navigate to where your pictures are on your computer and select one.
    You should then be back at the "Add an Image from your computer window" and then click
    Upload File(s). WAIT FOR IT.........
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    and then it should be in the window you were typing. :+)
    thats a LOVELY picture of my family from when I was on Leave in JUNE 2010 to see my family in Pensacola, Florida.
    We even visited a LHBA building site while there... (Even in Iraq the hunger burns to build a LOGHOME....)
    For changing the size, choose an editor (any will do) I choose PAINT for ease and instructions here.
    on a WINDOWS OPERATING Machine (no MAC)
    START --> Programs --> Accessories --> PAINT
    in the TOP LEFT there is a menu called 'File'
    click FILE --> Open --> and navigate to your pictures, choose one and select OPEN.
    Then go to the TOP LEFT menu option 'Image'
    click Image --> Stretch/Skew --> and change
    Horizontal from 100 to 50
    Vertical from 100 to 50
    and then OK
    Then TOP LEFT menu option 'File'
    click File --> SAVE AS --> names the file something else -- SO YOU DON'T OVERWRITE YOUR ORIGINAL PICTURE ***VERY IMPORTANT ****.
    Then do the procedure at the top. -- Have fun.

    Blessings, and Welcome to the 'family'.

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    Did you guys take out the Select File feature? I only show the URL box.


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    Athena and Peter in oats '83.jpg

    worked for me. (that is me as an ankle biter w/ my big sister)


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    LHBA member vs regular user???

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    this might be a little bit late but i was wondering if i could post pics and if so how to do it, what jrdavis said is right. The icon you want is at the top of the reply box third from the far right sisde it is a rathersmall icon but when you click on it then you can choose a picture to insert.

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