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Thread: Help! Framing joinery for DIY log garage?

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    Help! Framing joinery for DIY log garage?

    Hello. My first post.

    I am planning on building a log garage, using fir and spruce harvested from my own property.
    I'll frame it out of round logs, post and beam fashion. I haven't finalized how I'll finish the walls: slabs, boards, vertical half logs, etc.

    My basics: 26' wide x 32' long. Two 10' tall bays on the ground level, full loft for storage. 4/12 metal roof. Already have sono tubes: 3 rows of 5 tubes at 8' spacing. Rows are 13' apart.

    My dilema: I don't know how to join my logs for my framing.
    I'll flatten my log beams on 2 sides with a chain saw, so my post-beam joint will be flat-flat.
    But if my posts are from floor to roof (say 14' tall on the outside walls), and I want to have a loft floor (say at 11'), how do I join the log floor joists to my log post?
    And when I attach my log rafters to my log beams, do I notch them so I again have a horizontal flat-flat connection?

    Pictures would help! :-)

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    First let me say, welcome.

    You really need to read through the non-member sections and then take the class. You have far more questions than you know. All is covered in the class.

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    Welcome maplewood

    What Ed said.

    But I have some questions for you:

    1. How many houses have you built before?

    2. Have you built a log home before?

    3. What made you want to build out of logs?

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    Unless I'm mistaken, it

    Unless I'm mistaken, it sounds like you are planning a timberframe-log hybrid construction method. If so, then typical mortise and tenon practices would probably be best for most of your joinery.

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    Hello Fossten, Thanks for

    Hello Fossten,

    Thanks for your reply. I've built two log kit homes. Very simple - like Lincoln logs.

    I want to build with log framing this time because it is attractive, inexpensive and a challenge. I'm not looking to take a course, build a showcase home or keep out all the drafts. I just want a solid, functional garage / barn, for my tractor, trailer and for storage.

    I am looking for the 4 joints I mentioned: post to beam, rafter to beam, floor joist to post, and bracing.

    If you, or anyone else, could help with these 4 joinery questions, I'd be very thankful! :-)

    PS - hope the land offer goes your way. Location, location, location! My 6 acres on a stream means home, camp and retirement all in one!

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