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Thread: Is your post missing? Deleted or moved posts

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    Is your post missing? Deleted or moved posts

    If you made a post and now you can't find it, don't be alarmed. The forum Administrators probably had to move or delete it.

    There are several reasons why that might happen.
    • Your post or thread might have violated our Terms of Service. ToS violations don't happen often, but when they do they usually involve advertising, solicitations, or a personal attack on a forum member. It's worth reading our Terms of Service, because violations can lead to being banned from the forum.
    • Your post or thread might have contained a question best addressed by the LHBA staff. Good example of this type of questions "when is the next class?" "Where is the next class?" or "Will you have a class in my state?" Our staff is very responsive to questions about our classes and about the Association, and you can easily contact us via phone or email (email is best). Just visit our 'contact us page' and ask the staff your question. You might also want to visit our FAQ page.
    • Your post might not have been in the appropriate sub-forum. For instance, if there's a "solar power" post in the "Log Home Construction" section, then it'll be moved to the "solar power and alternative energy" section. Or if someone posts a question in the "general discussion" about something that is covered at our class it will be moved to the "Log Home Construction" sub-forum in the Member's only area.
    • Your post might have contained a topic that tends to cause problems. The kind of topics that have caused problems in the past are global warming, politics, home schooling versus public schooling, abortion and other log home schools or forums. While we are staunch supporters of the first Amendment, the forum is operated by a private Association. In other words, our forum is not a public street corner. Our main priority is ensuring the forum is running smoothly, and having a bunch of heated arguments has been counter productive to that goal.
    • Your post might also be deleted if you claim to be an Association member, but you are not in our records -- because that can cause confusion. We'll try to work with you to resolve this issue, but your posts might be deleted and your forum participation may be suspended until we can get it figured out.
    • Your post might have been caught in our forum's spam filter. This usually happens when your post contains a lot of pictures, or links. Forum administrators will have to manually review and publish your post, which takes anywhere from an hour to a day or so.

    We do try to notify any one who has had a post deleted via email. If for some reason you didn't get an email (maybe we forgot, or it ended up in your spam filter), your post was probably moved or deleted for one of the above reasons.

    Please understand that if one of your posts is deleted it's never personal. The forum administrators don't hate you, and they aren't singling you out. We're just trying to keep the forum running as smoothly as possible.
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