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Thread: Way cool way to build

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    Way cool way to build

    Check out this way cool building style.
    aaahhh but such a sad ending though:(


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    Got a direct link?

    Wasted 1.5 minutes of an unknown length ad. Couldn't get to the info.

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    edkemper response

    Sure. Just go to and in the search bar type in "world builder high quality".
    Should bring it right up for ya. Sorry for the hassle on your first try.


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    Reminds me of when I was making my models...

    I got one model done to about 8 logs high. It was made of 5/8" maple twigs that I peeled and nailed together. When I learned about Google Sketchup I spent way too much time learning by trial and error how to make each individual log and place them into a pretty good computer 3-D model. As I was doing my cybermodeling I kept thinking how much work it was to make and place each log, but always with the realization that every mistakenly placed log was sssooooooooo much easier to unmistake on the computer than it woulda been with real logs.

    Even though the models that I built (both real and cyber) were not models of the home that we are building now (at the last minute we bought a set of 35x35 plans), I am glad I made them. Skip was right.... build a model... but don't let your wife catch you with some cute chick walking around in it like that guy on the youtube link.

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    I built a model out of

    I built a model out of quarter inch dowels and wood glue, 15 logs high, to scale. It's based on a 50x32 house. I made a center pole with 2 RPSLs and am using different looks for the roof out of construction paper. It's easy to cut dormers!

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