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Thread: Logosol debarker

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    Logosol debarker

    Has anyone seen this? $239 Logosol debarker that uses a chainsaw
    to remove bark.

    "Log Wizard

    An attachment that turns your chainsaw into a highly efficient debarker. Cutter head, special guide bar, chain and guard. Three models: For large and small chainsaws."

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    As it uses a blade to do

    As it uses a blade to do your debarking, I can only imagine how it would scar the log up.. I am guessing that this is more for sawmills than log homes.

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    Ragdump I have a log


    I have a log wizard,I was never able to make it work as well as there video's ,it can really scar up a log,it's hard to control,I even bought a small Echo chainsaw with a tail handle and a short bar that helped. Green wet logs really make a mess the ground up bark shoots right out the back onto your pants shirt and face. Every tank of gas I had to clean the air cleaner it got clogged so fast. When I got done with a log it looked like it was debarked with a axe. It may be good for other things I kinda gave up on mine. I had better luck with the hard to peal big logs using a Bosch Demolition Hammer with a 2" chisel bit if your careful it won't hurt the log but you need to practice some

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    Log Wizard

    I have a Log Wizard and it worked great. I used it to flatten one side of my floor joist logs, notch for the floor joist logs and peel smaller logs for my stairway and loft railings and ballusters.

    I have a healthy Husqvarna chainsaw though. It's a monster, however, it used to be on a small to medium Stihl.

    The only drawbacks are, if your chainsaw bar has a sprocket on the end, it takes a little adjustment to get the drive teeth of the chain to synchronize. Not impossible, though. If you don't, it damages the drive teeth. Additionally, it uses 3-1/4" planer blades and require sharpening after a while, or, you can buy replacement blades for about 25 bucks.

    It gave my handrails a sort of hand-peeled look, but not really. They look good though.

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    Logosol Debarker and Log Wizard

    Paul Kahle commented extensively on using a log wizard in building his fantastic looking home. Here is a link to his website, it is fantastic!

    This is excellent reading for anybody attempting to build their log home.

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    Log wizard

    I purchased a log wizard (actually a Hudson product for less money), and have used it extensively. A lot of my logs were scuffed and needed to be smoothed up. The Wizard did a great job. I have it mounted on an Electric chainsaw so it's probably not as aggressive as on a gas saw. I also purchased the cutterless chain to use so it wouldn't eat you up accidentally.

    It is great to make notches, smooth a log, and perfect for notching out for joist hangers. Much better than using a chain saw.

    I thinking it is probably the best tool I have purchased for my project. You have to watch for rebar tho; or it's a new set of blades if you don't.

    I never used it to strip bark - It would mark up the log a lot.

    We are now moved in but not finished - but it's nice to be out of the barn! Still have some inside stuff to do.

    Vern and Sara Street

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    Can anyone recommend me the best product from the list mentioned in this site.

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    Mine is not on the list. I have a 18" worx corded that I bought at Home Depot. I have no complaints. It's light and I really like the hand wheel device they have to tighten/loosen the chain. When I'm up high, I like a lighter saw.

    I was afraid to buy cordless, because I wasn't sure how it would stand up to the size logs we cut. Cordless technology has come a long way. I have a Ryobi cordless drill that I love. I've had it for years, usually cranking in screws. It came as a kit with a cordless circular saw that is just about useless for anything over 1/2 inch. My fear with cordless chain saws would be that they would be like my circular saw. OK for small stuff and useless for the big stuff.

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    You have to question the survey if they didnít even include a Stihl.

    I have 3 Stihls; a 25Ē 441; a 16Ē 261 and a 14Ē 200 (battery). I love each one for what itís for. Battery charge lasts a good long time. Great for small work. Would I recommend it for an only saw? No. I canít think of any saw that fits that category.

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    Don’t know what is best on that list.
    I did buy the Greenworks 40V 16" for $115 in Nov 2017 (saw, batt. & charger) and am happy with it, use it a lot. Works great limbing, etc. up to 4”, will go about 2 hours at my pace - chains are easy to sharpen and cheap as well. Most of those saws use the thin chain so you have to be a bit careful to not twist it off the bar.
    If you like Amazon Prime, set up a daily alert for specials; that’s how I happened to buy it. They have ran the Greenworks 40 and 80 volt a few times this year so far. If you look at that list deeper than the few on the email there are a LOT of specials site wide.
    Good luck!

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