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Thread: Preserving logs...with bark??

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    Galcier National Park logs...

    I'm thinking they'd look really cool if they were peeled. Anyone seen Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood?

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    bark on logs =big mess

    I have a couple end tables I made about 4 years ago from a black walnut tree i cut down for someone, the bark has a really nice layered look to it when cut across so I left it on, decieded to leave the bark on the chinese chestnut legs to match, now every time you bump the table or the dog walks past, little bark chunks end up in the floor, making a big mess, at some point in time I will be debarking the whole thing, but I would imagine it would be even worse with white oak, espicially as white oak matures, it tends to get flaky bark anyways, which i think would make for a big mess spread out over the next 10 years anyways, here is a pic of one of my tables for a visual

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    Log Table over 40 years old

    We have a similar and heavy log table at my family home. It is about 40 years old. The wood was sealed with a thick wax like substance after it was built. We've had minor checking over the years and the outer bark layer looks as good as it did new. As the table was purchased in the third world, I venture to guess that the chemical treatment for criters would not have passed EPA guidelines here, but it appears to have done its job. The type of tree the table is made from appears to have a very dense and hard bark. The wood is extremely dense and the weight for the size is considerably heavy.

    I seem to remember reading about concoctions using parafin and pine tar for teating bark faced logs. Most books just took it for granted that it would fall off at some point.

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    artificial bark

    They are real Douglas fir, they are 40" x 40' logs
    Do you notice they look like they are treated with something that is making them shine?

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