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Thread: Joke thread (Don't read if you don't like funny)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rreidnauer View Post
    I use that last tool regularly!
    So much so, that the neighbor has stopped asking if I'm OK when I proceed with playing out the requirements of using aforementioned tool.

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    lol. I'm a "weapon of war" man myself.
    "cutting trees is more important than thinking about cutting trees or planning to cut trees." ~ F. David Stanley


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    Quote Originally Posted by mudflap View Post
    lol. I'm a "weapon of war" man myself.
    Same here! The BFH (best friend hammer) is my favorite. It can be used to make certain your coworkers are alive and awake. One swing is all it takes to watch someone try and run while laying on a creeper under a crane... Doesn't matter how much you kick your feet, if they never touch the ground, you're running nowhere! LOL!!!

    My supervisor would get me EVERY TIME I was welding next to a fuel tank. That always resulted in two bangs... First the hammer bang, then the "Allen jumping for dear life but he's under a crane head bang."

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