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Thread: GEET Power!

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    GEET Power!

    GEET Power!

    Has anyone seen this technology? (Inventor, Paul Pantone).

    This man is so into GREEN that he has offered these plans free on the internet:

    The concept is simpler to electrolysis (braking down water into hydrogen and oxygen). It works with heat and magnets, it is simple to make. It can use other carbon based materials like ?old motor oil?, gas, kerosene, crude oil, or anything that has a carbon chain into fuel

    You need to look at some u-tube vids on this. Look for: GEET Paul Pantone.

    It is amazing! It is basically braking down molecules into usable (burnable) atom and then using the fuel like you would burn hydrogen and oxygen in a combustion engine.

    I have made one of these things but I have not yet tried it, but I will.

    I will test it out on my old lawnmower and if it works as well as they say I will put one on my generator and make free power for my house

    This guy is going through a lot of hassle from (Big brother).

    It seems lots of people have problem with big brother and big business ?OIL?, when they try to bring there (not normal) ideas to market.

    Well I hope this is something that will be helpful.


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    Did you GEET it to work yet? :-)

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    magnets and hydrocarbons

    Alright. I get that they are bubbling hydrocarbons with the exhaust of the engine. They are preheating the "gas" with the exhaust too. This makes sense. Will someone explain WHY there is a giant bar magnet in there? This seems a whole lot like those commercials advertising magnetic jewelry. I suspect the same thing could be done by running the engine on gasoline until warm then switching over. No magnets involved.

    Anyway, magnets only work on the "iron triad" (iron, cobalt, nickel). There is not much of these in oil. I'm calling Shananagans!

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    ENTROPY it's the LAW

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    SO In my due diligence, I noticed that Mr. Pantone has been imprisoned. They say it is because of securities fraud, but I like to think it is for violating the second law of thermodynamics. He has claimed you can run an engine on water and get 300% efficiency. Once again, SHANANAGANS!

    In one vid I watched, he claimed to have "xray data that there was some radiation being generated in the reactor" that wasn't "alpha, beta, or gamma." He then claimed that nuclear transmutation was occurring, making lighter elements. what a hoser. His design for a heat exchanger/bubbler is a good one. However, he is not running on water; You are running on the fuel in the bubbler. Nor is any nuclear changes going on. Rutherford and Milikan would be turning in their graves to hear this kind of 'scientific' twarp (my mom's word for "crap").


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    Geet more like cargo cult science

    Yeah Peter I agree with you on this one. I was in the group that worked on the Geet project with Paul back in 99.
    Never really had anything to hang your hat on. IMHO you would be much better to invest in something like Roy McAlister's DVD on multifuel
    as it is a hands on, working approach to what the GEET claimed to be.


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    Roadscholar, It is nice,


    It is nice, that you worked on this project, but I thought that he didn?t really come up with the entire concept to make this work completely until after that date.

    This concept has been around since the erly1900?s.


    You should be more opened minded and not let your government and big money influence mind steer you down only there path.

    People should be more receptive to this and these kind of alternative energy.

    Don?t get me wrong, I have all HHO info to get my cars up and running but, running a generator or other small engine would be cheaper on GEET then to run Gas and hho together. The GEET runs on anything you can put in it, motor oil straight or in some water (the oil is to get your carbon chain in the mix). watch the vids, it runs on suger, oil, pickle juice, mustard, honey, katsup, or what ever you could drink.

    Like I said in my first post on GEET, I have made one of these reactor or what ever you want to call it and I will be putting it on an old lawnmower and will keep you all posted on the result.

    I will not post again until I have proof in hand with the engine running and a video to show for my work.

    Thanks for your time and I will be posting again about the 1st of March or so, when I get home, Chris

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    I'm not an engineer (but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night) and it does
    sound like a load of twarp, but I'd still be interested in whatever results you get.
    If it works who cares if he got the science wrong. :-)

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    science and the government

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    I in NO WAY am speaking on behalf of or for any part of any government. I am speaking as a trained engineer and scientist. You CAN'T run a heat engine on water. HHO, OK, but that took energy to make. You cannot transmutate elements without a nuclear reaction. I failed to see a mushroom cloud and so am fairly certain that that did not happen either. Magnets cannot rip apart molecular bonds. Even in hemoglobin, where at least iron is involved, Magnets have not been able to break down the molecule. Water has never in its history been macroscopically dissociated by a magnet (maybe one molecule somewhere has, but quantum mechanics basically ensures that happens). Basically there is no free lunch.

    If you re read my post, I say that the heat exchanger/bubbler is a good idea. Hell, I might even try this on my own mower. There is no reason not to believe that it could burn hydrocarbons (and perhaps a little water vapor along for the ride) I'm just stating that not all of the amazing claims made by Mr. Patone are true, or at all scientifically viable. If I am wrong, then all engineers/physicists/chemists worldwide have been duped by nature. We after all do many experiments that back up the "book learning" we do in lecture.


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    Its a big scam i made one it failed

    Look, listen and learn
    A man who works with his hands is a laborer,
    A man who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman,
    A man who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.
    St Francis of Assisi.

    I wathed all the vidio and the stuff on the guy that made it.
    I couldnt get it to work its a scam and i listen to a master mechenic it take more energy to create that kinda of energy.
    My be i made it wrong some say it works.
    i would like to play with it more. I saw one utube the guys blew up a plastic sqware water holder.
    I think some scientist are try work off the works of that guy to create a hho fuel cell for the cars.
    If i could get it to work i believe it but it didnt so i wasted allot energy on it.
    Sucker born ever minute i figure i might be one but worth the chance when gas was almost 5 bucks
    So i got go with Peter on this one

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    Need To Do Your Homework...

    Paul Pantone's GEET Device Explained in Full Detail.

    For everyone that doesn't understand that this is a fine tuned device. Just because some people failed building it, doesn't mean there hasn't been successful attempts at making this device work.

    Building Plans:

    (This file has been downloaded and it contains much of the information necessary in order to build this device. Also gain a BETTER understanding over-all.) There is a exact science behind this device! The people who failed, failed because of their own wrong doing.

    Devices Fitted Successfully: mmesuite%2FRealPMCPantone.htm&langpair=fr%7Cen&hl= en&ie=UTF8 mmesuite%2FReal2006SystPantone.htm&langpair=fr%7Ce n&hl=en&ie=UTF8

    Description of Device Operation:

    Plasma Fuel Reforming with PMC (Processing Multi-Carbons) The bubbler is a tank containing a mixture of water and hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, crude oils and others derived from hydrocarbons...). The hot gas flow coming from the exhaust of the engine circulates by the outside part of the reactor with a strong kinetic energy, that contributes to bring up to very high temperature the steel rod (being used as heat accumulator) contained in the pyrolytic chamber. The gases cross the engine and penetrate then in the bubbler containing the water/hydrocarbon mixture. The vapor of the mixture is strongly aspired by the vacuum created by the engine intake and is pushed by the pressure coming from the exhaust. The kinetic energy of the vapor is increased considerably by the reduction of the diameter in the pyrolytic chamber (by Venturi effect). The combined effect of the high temperature and the increase of the kinetic energy produces a thermo chemical decomposition ( molecular breakdown ) of the water/hydrocarbon mixture. The endothermic reactor forms an Electro-Plasma-Chemical unit (EPC) and it is now possible to create a high-output fuel coming from the decomposition of the water contained in the water/hydrocarbon mixture. This fact is confirmed by the presence of oxygen gas (O2) in great amount measured in the exhaust. More information: At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers are developing a reformer, which, like the KCB&H one, uses plasma for reforming hydrocarbons. The advantage of a plasma reformer is that it can use all forms of hydrocarbons, including heavy oil fractions. In addition, the plasma reforming can operate in pyrolytic mode (thermal degrading of organic material without air or oxygen) so that the carbon is turned into soot. This eliminates the formation of CO2. Plasma technology allows for a more compact and lighter design than traditional reformers because the reaction occurs much faster. (BingoFuel Reactor)

    Still don't get it... Check this out:

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