For well over a year now I have been trying to get my membership in LHBA recognized so I can get access to the members only section. My wife and I took the course from Skip on April 8, 1989 (just before we married). Two years ago I ran onto this site and applied for access and was denied because the records did not go back far enough to confirm us.
A year ago we decided it was time for us to finally build our dream house so I pursued, and pursued, and pursued access (including copies of my wifes membership card signed by Skip) until finally appealling for help in this open forum. Ellsworth read my appeal and kindly replied that he was sorry that the ball may have dropped itself and offered to handle our request personally if I would resubmit our information along with a copy of the membership card, money order reciept, and our invitation with directions and instructions.
Sadly, later on the night of Ellsworths offer to solve our delema, Skip passed away. Knowing that the family and the school and website would be in temporary shutdown, we waited a while to submit everything. I have since attempted contact numerous times with no response and don't know what to do.
We will definately build our home with or without the help and advice offered to Skip's students, but this thing would be sooooo much more enjoyable as members. The class that we took 19 years ago was invaluable and changed our lives. We have built several log structures using what we learned without knowledge of the website but this is different... this is our DREAMHOME. We could use some refeshers... some ideas... some extra inspiration from behind the magic curtain. This is the first "legal" building we have built and we are dealing with the County and want to do it up right. How about a hand here.
As for the house, it is coming along slowly. We have owned and lived on the property for 15 years. We have enough money set aside to pay cash for everything (according to theory). Our 16 year old son is fairly far along on the plans, computer model, and real model. We have met with the Inspector, but not formally submitted the plans, so there is room for change and ideas. We have made a trade arrangement for the logs that involves my "thinning" a 50 acre parcel of land (3-1/2 hour drive from home) in exchange for my choice of 50 Ponderosa wall logs (16"-26" butt) and 50 Lodgepole rafter/joist logs. That thinning proccess is ongoing and taking a tremendous amount of my 54 year-old time and energy. I have made arrangements for log hauling that involves an old schoolmate and his self-loader log truck on a back haul where he is normally running empty. This project is finally getting legs and it's gonna take off running.
If anyone out there can be of some help, we'd appreciate it. Please respond on this forum or call me or my wife direct here in sunny Southern Oregon.

Ron and Patty Smith
541-292-1512 or 541-471-9415

At least one of these numbers is frequently out of cell range and may require a message. Thanks... Ron n Patty.