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Thread: Corn /pellet stoves

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    Corn /pellet stoves

    I see that you can now burn dried corn in a corn/pellet stove. I 've seen the price of 1500 dollars and up. But i don't know what size to get or btu, that would heat up a 1800- 2400 square ' house. I had a heat tech for 18yrs that is wonderful...

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    Corn /pellet stoves
    has some articles archived. Their entire archive is free to anyone, and includes the pics that appeared in the hardcopy. Search "pellet stove" (I got 5 hits).

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    that's pretty cool...

    i really never looked into pellet stoves since i wouldn't want to have to buy something commercially produced in order to run it.
    knowing you can make your own pellets, that is pretty cool.

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    speaking of stoves.........

    what's the general consensus on stove black vs. high heat paint? The stove I got off Craigslist is a grey with rust spots. never been painted. I was told to wipe it down with xylene after I wirebrush it. I don't particularly want xylene in my life. The paint I already bought ( thermalox?) has xylene in it also. An older gent I know has used the polish all his life. Others have told me the stove polish won't prevent rust. Still other advise warns me that the stove will need to be re-painted every couple of years. I could use some LHBA guidance. thanks in advance.

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    How would you get rust on an in-service stove? Where or how are you getting water on a hot stove that doesn't evaporate before the stove cools? Rust on these stoves are mostly when they haven't been used in a while and left to the elements. In all the years my parents heated their home with a wood stove, they never had to re-paint it.

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    Stove rust

    It could be humidity in the air. My parents have a wood stove that was installed in '74 or '75 ?and for years it has had brownish areas on it that I would call the first stage of rust. This is in NW Florida so it's humid for much of the year.

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    I got this stove off craigslist

    and the woman had replaced it months ago. This sat outside on a porch all summer long. The rust spots are very small and light. I just need to know what is best; paint or stove black thanks everyone

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    Buy some Stove paint the store

    Hi clairenj John Pence got me a wood stove and i picked up a few months after he got it.
    He had covered on his porch but the Va beach made rust. All i did was buy harbor freight wire thing to attach my drill and spent a few hours cleaning the rust off it. The i did the wrong thing painted with some cheep paint that just burned off tonight and almost killed me ahha
    Buy stove paint it not toxic and it still stink burn off the first few burns.
    I got my stove with the blower for 125 older and brick lined.
    it warming me now is my 12 by 20 building while it rains outside.
    Hope that helps wire brush on the drill works great but takes some work ok.

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    okay, the paint has your vote Chad?

    I got high-heat paint thermalox which is for wood stoves. I was plannning on wire bush and then I was told to wipe it down with Xylene. UGGGHHH! Anyway I will not be doing it within these next few days due to weather expectations
    ( I hear they are in for snow not too far from here) I will still be checking for input on this issue of stove black vs stove paint. thanks again

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